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How Often Should You Lube Your Bike Chain?


Chain lube is a key part of keeping your bike running smoothly. In general, you should apply chain lube every time you ride, but there are certain times when you may need to apply it more frequently. Here are four tips for determining when to lube your bike chain.

1. When the Chain Starts Sliding or Rubbing: When the chain starts to slide or rub against the gear teeth or sprockets, it’s time to re-lube your chain.

2. After a Hard Ride: If you rode hard and were sweating a lot, your bike chain may be rusty and need to be re-lubesed.

3. If the Bike Seems to Be Slipping Everywhere: If your bike seems to be slipping all over the place, especially on steep hills, it’s time to re-lube your chain.

4. When Your Gear Is Making Noise: If gears are clicking or making strange noises, it’s likely that they’re worn out and need to be replaced. In these cases, you should also lube the gears before riding them for the first time.

Lube your bike chain once a month or as often as you can. It is important to apply dry lube when the weather is warm and humid, but it is best to apply wet lube in cooler conditions.

1: When Should You Apply Dry Lube?

Dry lube is best applied in warm and humid weather conditions, but it can also be used when the weather is cooler.

2: When Should You Apply Wet Lube? 

Wet lube is best applied in cooler weather conditions. It also lasts longer when applied this way.

2: How Often Should You Apply Wet Lube?

Apply wet lube every time you ride your bike.

3: When Should You Change Your Bike Chain?

Change your bike chain once a month or as often as you can.

4: What Is The Best Bicycle Chain Type For Your Riding Style?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. You will need to decide which type of bike chain best suits your riding style.

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5: How To Properly Lube A Bike Chain

1. Remove the cap from the lube bottle

2. Squeeze a few drops of lube onto your hand

3. Rub the lube into the chain and gears with your fingers

4. Replace the cap on the lube bottle


Applying dry and wet lubes at the right times will keep your bike chain in good shape for years to come.


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